Audiovisual saxophone quartet perfomance.
Video, design, animation - Gints Apsīts.
Performed by - Riga Saxophone Quartet. 
Music Composer, electronics - Raimonds Tiguls.  
Saxophone Quartet: Ilze Lejiņa, Artis Sīmanis, Ainars Šablovskis, Daiga Solovjova. 
Supported by VKKF, Latvijas Koncerti. 
MadA2 10 jun 2013
First gig in Saulkrasti
9 june 2013 
Photo by Zigurds Zaķis
Photo by Zigurds Zaķis
Photo by Zigurds Zaķis
8 jun 22:30

Labyrinthus MadE. Whenever i close my eyes in past few days i see geometric shapes coming on me accompanied by apocalyptic, weeping duduk sounds. 
7 jun 19:45
I imagined production process will be meditative and spiritual journey trough labyrinths of mind, like putting together Tibetan Vajrayana mandala of some sort. Last two weeks turned out to be nonstop 24/7 overnight renderings and tweaking with both my machines. 
7 jun 18:30
Nature renders mesmerising geometric symetry of hexagonal prisms, stellar and sectored plates, stellar dendrites, capped columns, 12-sided snowflakes, radiating dendrites and other morphological types. Individual snowflakes are nearly unique in structure.   
While some people growing ice cristal snowflakes by processing water particles in cold temperatures. Im growing mine by processing digital particles with sound. My goal was to generate visual soundscapes of never repeating patterns, forms, colors in motion.
Work in progress - logo & poster design
28 may 2013
Pencil sketch
Vectorizing pencil drawing
Finished vectors
Vector construction
3D construction
First 3D render
3D render with light bounce test
3D detail
Prebounce comp sketch
2nd comp sketch 
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