VO: "Where else could the taste of Latvia be born, if not in Latvian nature, earth, and the hand that entrusts it with the seed, in the pit and bush. The earth's caretaker squints at the sky and murmurs, "Seems like it's going to rain." Then the first crunchy rhubarb, the dizzying strawberries, until golden quinces on bare autumn branches. Everything is real. And you can taste it in every sparkling drink made by Valmiermuiža. Gardu Muti sparkling drinks. Pure Latvian taste."
Embark on a poignant 30-second journey with this 2.5D animation, a testament to the artistry of moving photography. The sun-dappled landscapes of Latvia pulse with extraordinary vibrancy and depth, inviting viewers into the heart of nature's raw beauty. From dew-kissed spider webs of the morning, nurturing hands planting seedlings, to the rich earth cradled by a farmer's touch, every frame resonates with the harmonious symbiosis of nature and man.
As the narrative unfolds, the sun's golden dance through the rain clouds mirrors the journey from growth to fruition, leading to hands cradling a golden quince and the proud brewmaster with his bounty. Culminating in a tender scene of a hand holding a chilled drink adorned with strawberries and mint leaves, the animation encapsulates the sun-kissed refreshment and the pure taste of Latvia.
More than a visual feast, this animation serves up an immersive sensory experience, a tantalizing invitation to relish the delicious offerings of Valmiermuiža. This piece is a vivid testament to the power of animated storytelling, capturing the magic of summer and the craftsmanship of animation. 
Director, animator, designer, AD: Gints Apsīts 
CD, copywriter: Ingus Josts
Agency, production: Frank & Stein
Client: Valmiermuiža
Released: 2021.03.05

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