VO: "I am as elegant as Riga at the turn of the last century, and as mysterious as a sphinx on a Jugendstil facade. Back then, my name could be found on the drink menus of the most prestigious restaurants. My malt is as darkly roasted as a coffee bean, but its taste is subtly sweet. Enjoy it like a dessert. I am reborn in Valmiermuiža. Slowly matured, rich in flavor. Valmiermuiža's Baltic Porter."
Diving into the depths of time, this animation project beautifully captures the essence of Riga at the turn of the last century. Intricately designed as a 2.5D animation, it is crafted around authentic photographs discovered in historic archives, retaining the timeless black and white aesthetic of the period.
As an animator and storyteller, I've woven a narrative that elegantly traces the journey of Valmiermuiža's Baltic Porter. The animation immerses viewers in an enchanting world of vintage sophistication. Images of cobblestoned streets and chic citizens in refined attire evoke the spirit of an era long past. Glimpses of horse-drawn carriages, Jugendstil architectural features, and the vivacious energy of elegant restaurants further enhance this nostalgic journey.
Throughout the project, I pay homage to the intricate brewing process, manifesting the labor of love within traditional breweries. Steam and hustle, a sign of the time and craft, pervade these scenes. The climax - the packshot with Valmiermuiža's Baltic Porter and the historic gates of the Valmiermuiža brewery - beautifully encapsulates the narrative.
In creating this piece, I've aimed to fuse my skills in storytelling and animation to bring not just a product, but a rich cultural heritage and a bygone era to life. The result is more than an animation - it's a time capsule, preserving the past within the frame of the present, and an enduring testament to the timeless appeal of Valmiermuiža's Baltic Porter.
Director, animator, designer, AD: Gints Apsits 
CD, copywriter: Ingus Josts
Agency, production: Frank & Stein
Client: Valmiermuiža
Released: 2019.11.06
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