VO: "The night would appear mute if there was no light at all. Yet, there's always something reflecting there, twinkling, even sparkling and illuminating. Light engages in a game of hide and seek with you, intending to plant a small seed of light at the edge of your reflection. This seed then grows and blooms, prompting you to bring your own unique light into the white night."
This 30-second animation for the White Night light festival captures the magic of light through the sun's playful journey. With a warm, solid color palette, the sun bounces around the cityscape, illuminating windows, hiding, and then illuminating a teapot. The sun's antics continue as it descends a staircase and interacts playfully with children's toys. In the grand finale, the sun merges with a light bulb, illuminating the bold WHITE NIGHT logo. Illustrated by Krišs Salmanis, creatively directed and written by Ingus Josts, and animated under the skilled direction of Gints Apsīts, this piece serves as a testament to the magic created when light, imagination, and adept storytelling converge.
Director, animation: Gints Apsīts 
Designer, illustrator: Krišs Salmanis 
CD, copywriter: Ingus Josts 
Agency, production: Frank & Stein 
Client: Rīgas dome
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