Top 5 mobile devices of 2022 
And brief history of development
1. Sumi-E (North Korea)
Mobile device Sumi-E was developed in North Korea. In 2019 when young Kim Jong-Un changed his mind and turned worlds most militarised nation and nuclear-weapon industry into the industry that will serve "eternal better future for all the world". Company called 조선민주주의인민공화국 "Democratic People's Republic of North Korea For the People of the World" or simply NoKoFoWo™ - "North Korea For World". NoKoFoWo was able to rise as leader in computer technology in 3 short years, leaving Apple far behind. This made massive international hipster pilgrimage to North Korea for Divine Retreat annually around Easter. 
NoKoreans developed bio fluid porcelain material called BiFlu. BiFlu is nano smart surface that can change topology, eliminating necessity to ever look at the device while interacting. Based on principle of hydro vascular expansion - just like in human muscle.
TouchMassage - Interaction technology developed in collaboration with sister company SoKo in South Korea. Interface inspired by Sumi-E ink painting.
Sumi-E is fully packed mobile computer, communicator, health device.
Device was banned in majority of Muslim countries, Switzerland and Sweden. Criticism: with some heavy interaction porcelain hydro vascular system feels erected in your hands which distracts people from their religious obligations and road safety.
Starting from 2016 Republic of NoKo biannually releasing free devices, with free internet access to every single Korean. This makes North Korea most advanced, knowledgeable, interactive and open nation in the world. Trough sales, GDP per capita was raised from 1.244$ in 2011 to 68.7 $ in 2022, this makes Korea economy similar to USA.
2. Thumb Drive3 by GTX Capital (USA)

In year 2021 GTX CapitalUSA released yet unseen ergonomic device. 8 years this project was deep secret as it was initially made for USA space exploration program and military needs. In August 2020 American military scientists research came to conclusion - there is no worse enemy to fight against except themselves. Therefore, project was released for general consumer.
Device was unbelievably easy to interact with one hand. Many started to think why would humans ever need two hands in their body. When device was realized for general public, there was massive amputations of second hand occurred all over America (and just 2 million cases in Canada). Ironically later they recognized - second hand was intended for their pleasure. Since other hand was gone they developed a technique of pleasuring off and holding device in same hand. Ohhh! As a device was so easy to interact with.
All enclosure is touch sensitive. Both sides are interactive panels and screens. Form of the device adopts to the palm of the hand and vibrates all over the place when needed. Ohhh! Consumer reports show it’s needed.​​​​​​​
3. Pussy 6110 by Nokia (Finland)  
During last 10 years there was a huge rise in Hipster movement. By year 2022 about 32% of world population was turned from Christianity, Islam and Hinduism into Hipsters.
With such a significant rise, immense separatism took place in Hipster movement. While mainstream conformists still used Apple's iPhone. Liberal Hipsters was open to new behaviors. Willing to discard traditional values, they used Korean Sumi-E. Extreme Nonconformist Hipsters believed that they should use Nokia's vintage phones with no touch screens and particularly 6110.
Thanks for lasting battery power and Extreme Nonconformist Hipsters, Nokia as company managed to survive.
4. VEF (Latvia)
Latvia was thinking about stepping inside mobile device production for a while. About "their own nokia" as they like to call it. Project OON (“OurOwnNokia”) was supported in State level. But Latvian political system of Oligarch Monarchy where unwritten law suggests - oligarchs must disperse investment budget 3 times, before it was given for development of real projects.
Dreams about OON are in development. Mobile device project is in 2nd cycle of rebudgeting. Latvian company VEF already have sketches of the phone.​​​​​​​
5. iPhone7 by Apple (USA)
Not much have been changed in iPhone design for past 10 years since death of Steve Jobs. Biggest development was implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in assistant technology Siri. Siri got so intelligent - she was advanced to position of CEO of Apple in 2020.
To stay in business and to satisfy consumer needs after 2nd antenna gate, iPhone7 got two new antennas.
Still available in black and white with 3D FaceTime for free.
Project: Tele2 calendar 2011.
Phone concepts, etymology, design, graphic design, illustration, 3D: Gints Apsits
Agency: Guilty
Client: Tele2
Year: 2010 Dec
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