VO: "Like an earthworm lost in the soil, I possess infinity, yet nothing is redundant. I inherit a thirst from the condors in the Andes, and draw insight from the full moon, the gliding skis, and the vast distances. A cat leaps from the hill to the pavement, foretelling the arrival of ships in Riga. A light bulb casts a yellow glow over broken glasses frames and ignited passions. The White Night is here - the one about which Chack dreamed."
This animated piece for the White Night Light Festival 2021 is an immersive journey through a dreamlike landscape, inspired by the poetry of Alexander Chack. In celebration of the poet's 120th anniversary, the voiceover interweaves elements of Chack's verse with vivid imagery.
In the animation, an earthworm curls in a straw, condors perch atop the Andes, sipping from its essence. This scene morphs into a full moon illuminating mountains, the peak revealed as a cat's tail. Awakened, the cat leaps into the pocket of a sleeping poet, resting beneath a streetlamp casting a yellow glow over him and his signature glasses. As the perspective pulls back, the poet and his lamp become part of a bustling, nocturnal cityscape. As more lights flicker on, the city springs to life, culminating in the bright illumination of the White Night Festival logo.
Adopting a solid color palette with simple, minimalist illustrations, the animation beckons viewers to enjoy the magical play of light at the festival, as dreamed up by Alexander Chack.
This lyrical, light-infused odyssey was brought to life through the combined copywriting of Alexander Chack and Ingus Josts, the skilled illustrations of Krišs Salmanis, and was directed and animated by Gints Apsīts.
Director, animator: Gints Apsīts 
Designer, illustrator: Krišs Salmanis
CD, copywriter: Ingus Josts
Agency, production: Frank & Stein
Client: Rīgas dome
Released: 2021.08.25 

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