The Lightness Of Weight teaser. 4 May 2018.
Nature macro test for intro. 2 may 2018.
Let me introduce you to the Giant. 29 April 2018.
Wake up Giant, wake up buddy. You have been asleep for too long. You have the story to tell. Feb 28 2018. 
Teaser. Feb 27 2018.
Title plate. Feb 26 2018.
Final look. Feb 25 2018.
"Once again, he lived life to the full. However, neither the trees, nor the flowers, nor the birds knew that they were floating on the back of the giant. 
Because down below, he was so quiet, as  quiet as one is when consumed by great happiness."
First tests. Feb 20 2018.
Illustration by my daughter. June 2017.
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