Virtumory - Virtual Memories, is a project ignited by my passion. I perceive video games as immersive experiences like traveling, literature, cinema, and social interaction. I strive to capture those cherished moments and create lasting memories. As an experienced artist, I have long been mesmerized by the enchanting allure of game visuals, their power to evoke emotions and their remarkable ability to transport players into immersive gaming worlds.
3D models and game worlds ARE NOT crafted by me; they are the creations of their respective creators. Consider me a traveler, equipped with a camera, wandering through virtual worlds. However, the in-game photography, the chosen compositions, the selective lighting based on sun position and time of day, and the subtle post-processing and color grading are my artistic contributions. The images encapsulated are a product of my own gameplay and composition, independent of pre-set cinematics. Despite being captured on a modest GTX1060 video card, these images underscore my capacity to distill the very essence of a game into breathtaking snapshots, while adeptly manipulating character action, in-game lighting, and environmental transformations.
Game photography allows me to refine my expertise in photography, composition, color, lighting, cinematography, and visual storytelling, effectively applying these skills to my creative endeavors.
Far Cry 4" is a first-person shooter developed and published by Ubisoft, released in 2014. "Shangri-La" is a significant narrative component within "Far Cry 4" that sets players off on a mystic journey into Kyrat's mythical past. The Shangri-La sections of the game are unlocked by collecting Thangka, scattered across the main world. These segments transport players into the role of an ancient Kyrati warrior, Kalinag, who is tasked with restoring peace to the idyllic realm of Shangri-La, now disrupted by malevolent spirits. Here, the lush Himalayan landscapes give way to a vibrant, otherworldly tableau marked by floating islands, ethereal structures, and fantastical creatures. Accompanied by an ethereal white tiger, players battle demonic entities, navigate surreal landscapes, and unravel the lore of Kyrat's past. This dreamlike part of "Far Cry 4" offers a distinct change of pace and aesthetics from the main storyline, contributing to its immersive diversity.
The "Shangri-La" segment of "Far Cry 4" presented a thrilling challenge for gameplay, as every twist and turn unveiled breathtaking opportunities for in-game photography. With its riot of colors, enveloping fog, deep perspectives, floating islands, dynamic action sequences, fantastical creatures, and surreal compositions, this portion of the game outshone even the already impressive main environment. This part of my journey was an unending spectacle, ceaselessly presenting scenes that captivated the eye and stirred the spirit. 
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