Book of Magnolia Magnet
Years when i was painting was around 1996-1997. 

10 years ago i was planning to restart painting.
9 years ago - back in Fabrica i was starting to do collage sketches. 
8 years ago i had personal exhibition with those sketches digitally printed. It was curated by Fabrica. There was two personal shows in Bologna (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal) and group show in centre Pompidou in France.  
For past 8 years i was making sketches.  
7 years ago i made my son. 
6 years ago i was shocked by my sons ability to walk.
5 years ago ... still in shock.  
4 years ago i bought canvas. 
3 years ago i bought colours and brushes.  
2 years ago i was part in making my daughter. 
1 year ago i made restoration to my easel, i made corner in my studio. For one year everything was standing there ready to go on, gathering dust, and waiting for me. Still it wasn't working. 
8 month ago, to free up some time, i quit drinking. 
For past 2 month i was gathering all sketches (222-something) and pasted them up daily in this blog, along the way selecting the best ones. It still goes on. 
5 days ago i really made my hands dirty with paint. It was like finding a portal where i can get lost in time. 
Today i finished my first painting. 

So it took me 11 something years to come back. Was it a waste of time or paint or both? You are the judge. Im not - I'm too happy to judge objectively. I hope this will come back and will be corrected along with time. 

p.s. painting vs photoshop - undo doesn't really work. 

Width: 46 cm, Hight: 55,5 cm, Depth: deeper then skin. 
Medium: acrylic, canvas, 20mg daily Seroxat (no other drugs was used). 
Year: 2000 - 2011

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